How to paint a fantastical fence

How everyone should paint a fence

A fantastically painted fence is the perfect start for spring!

Now that spring really is here (that means no more snow in the near forecast!), we started moving outside. And my first big project was to make a trellis for our blueberries and other berry vines growing on Blueberry Hill.

An old fence panel we weren’t using (the previous owner used it to cage in the backyard instead of springing for a gate), seemed like a good reuse of an unused product. And mama found some cheap paint. Check the clearance section of your local home-improvement store. We found a $7 for a gallon of white exterior paint with primer!

This stuff is cheap! I recommend darker colors if you’re going to mix with white.

After we painted the fence white, daddy had the great idea of mixing our cheap craft acrylic paints to create fantastical colors. That way, the colorful paint would have primer built in to save a step. Now, why didn’t he mention this before we painted it white?

Anyway, that’s what we did. We used a measuring cup to mix 2 cups of white paint with acrylic paint until we got the hue we wanted. Tip: Go with less white paint or else you’ll have a lot leftover.

It took a while and I accidentally stepped in the paint (doh!) but I think it turned out just swell. Don’t you just love it?

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Review: How ‘The Hobbit’ should have been

I just finished reading “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Actually, mama read it to me and daddy.

It was good. I liked it a lot. Because Bilbo Baggins found the magical ring. I didn’t like the part with Gollum because Gollum wanted to eat Bilbo.

So, of course whenever I get excited about something new, I draw. But I don’t like to draw boys. It hurts my hand to draw boys. So I drew this picture of all the characters but everyone is a girl. By the way, why are there no girls in The Hobbit?

If the Hobbit had girls

If you haven’t read the book (or seen the movie), here is what happens in three sentences:

“The Hobbit” is about lots of dorfs (dwarves) and a wizard named Gandolf and a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. They go on an adventure and they go into a creepy forest where there are giant spiders they get trapped by and the Hobbit rescues them and they get captured by wood elves and then they go out to fight the dragon. After that, they get all the dragon’s treasure.

The dragon is named Smaug, but I pretended there was a girl dragon named Smaugalina. She was Smaug’s kid. I didn’t draw her but I did draw a 2-headed dragon while mama was reading the book to us.

Two-headed dragon that could have been in "The Hobbit"

Two-headed dragon that could have been in “The Hobbit”

And then I drew Gandolf, the wizard:

Gandolf, the wizard

Gandolf, the wizard

Everyone should read the book before they watch the movie (which I saw afterwards — the animated version that is). I think the book is much better than the movie. The book was available at my local library as an ebook, which was cool so we could read it in the dark in front of the fireplace. Happy Hobbiting!


My first movie review: Miss Minoes

Hello friends! You’re just in time for my first movie review: Miss Minoes.

The movie is about a girl who can talk to cats. That’s because she once was one (at least at the beginning of the movie)! I don’t know how the cat became a girl. All it did was touch something that humans touched (a blue can filled with chemicals, my mama explained to me). The movie was very funny. And I also found out it was adapted from a book by Dutch author Annie M.G. Schmidt. I especially liked the little girl in the movie because I’m a little girl.

As for the plot of the movie, all I know is that everything the bad guy did, everyone else in the town thought he was the good guy. But he really was the bad guy. And at the end, Miss Minoes got married to her boyfriend. And I liked that too because it was funny. Even the cats got to eat some wedding cake because they were Miss Minoes’ friends.


I was so inspired by the movie that I drew this picture of Miss Minoes on the roof with all her cat friends (see the cats are the same as the movie cover) and the little girl and her green suitcase. That’s where they would have all their meetings to find out what was happening with the humans (she was helping the man figure out how to become a newspaper reporter).

The movie is available as a free stream for Amazon Prime customers.


Make a chick peeking out of egg

1Happy Easter everybody!

Here’s a little egg I made by cutting out an oval and taping in a cute yellow chick I drew.

Just fold a colored piece of paper in half. On the fold, cut out a half of an egg so when unfolded, it looks like an egg. Or oval.

Then, still on the fold, cut out a squiggly line to make the crack. But don’t cut the entire folded area otherwise, you won’t be able to “fold” the egg shell back so it looks like the chick is popped out of the egg. See the last photo below.

And don’t forget to draw a chick. I cut out another half oval on yellow, but this time, didn’t fold the paper over so I had a single chick. Color in eyes and beak and tape!

4 3 2
From the back Coming out Hello Spring!

Cardboard monsters on a snowy day

cardboardmon04We had the biggest snowstorm of the season over the weekend but I kept myself busy on my own. Mission: Scare grownups!

Cardboard monsters are the best DIY project a kid can make especially because you get to scare people!

It starts like this:

Step 1: Find a spare cardboard box and draw a scary face on it. But don’t let anyone see you do this or else they won’t be easy to scare.



Step 2: Hide under box. When a parent approaches, jump up and say “Roarrwwwww!”


Step 3: Now that one grownup is in on the secret, get him to cut nose holes in the box. And convince daddy, I mean, the grownup to get you a Sharpie to darken the lines on your monster face. (And don’t do this on the nice wood floor because the Sharpie leaves a permanent mark — sorry mom!)

Step 4: Then really scare mommy! (Don’t my eyes look like monster boogers?)